Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whoa BABY!

It’s pretty amazing how life works: in less than a month, I lost my mother, and found out I was going to be one.

The day my mom’s soul departed the Earth on April 30, she was surrounded by her two daughters, her two sisters and her cat. And one extra soul that no one – not even me – knew was there. A grandchild.

I really didn’t think I could be pregnant. But sure enough... there came a point when I thought, “Hmmm. Just for kicks, why don’t I take a pregnancy test? I’ve never taken one before; it’ll be good to see how it works.”

I got home, groceries in hand, along with a relatively generic-looking test. At that point I figured, “Why spend the money for a brand name?” -- but the second the plus sign showed up with unmistakable clarity, I found myself in a state of blissful disbelief and wishing I had splurged a little bit on the test. Me, pregnant? Really?

One trip to Rite Aid and $21 later, I sped home only to pee on a stick for the second time in three hours.  This time the test literally said, “YES” (no plus or minus signs to analyze) within the flash of an eye.  As in, “YES, YOU ARE PREGNANT. “

Yes, yes, yes.

We decided to wait until at least 3 months to share our news with family and close friends. We are 20 weeks now and find out whether Baby Lanier is a boy or girl next week! But now you know why this mom's been mum for a while...

FIRST PICTURE! He/she looks like a little dancing gummy bear. 

 SECOND SHOT at around 16 weeks! Don't you get "girl" vibes from this picture?

We are so excited! Stay tuned....